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Vickyboard Launching Countdown

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Vickboard Carosel

X+ Vickyboard Features

Vickyboard Series

Ultimate Connectivity


Hot Swappable

Swap the keys as you like

Customize Easily

Customize your keyboard with ease

Bluetooth Wireless

Stay connected with wireless features.

Battery Endurance

Powerful battery endurance.

Multi Device Connvectivity

Stay Connected with multiple devices at the same time.

Windows & Linux Support

Supports both windows and linux OS.

Type C-Wired

Powed with the latest tech, keeps you faster with type C

RGB Lightning

RGB Lightning provides beautiful typing expeerience


Reviewer's Say

The VickyBoard Ergo Split-V by X+ is a mechanical ergonomic keyboard featuring a split, cross radial layout. Based on the QMK firmware it allows for near endless layout customization, and the acrylic case makes for a unique RGB effect. There aren’t a lot of options for prebuilt columnar-style layout keyboards, particularly around the $200 price point – which makes this a very interesting board.

The VickyBoard is one of the most interesting keyboards I've ever laid eyes on, with a bright, clear neon coloring, distinctive V-shaped design and split, reprogrammable keys that don't require software, and more. But its price is its downfall, as it simply cannot compete with other high-end mechanical keyboards with the features and extras it comes with.

The world of the mechanical tastes always surprises: non-finish formats, diverse materials, the possibility of customizing hardware and software, and, perhaps, even the layout così particolari da stravolgere completely in the mode in which if you use the tastes. This is the case of the VickyBoard Ergo Split-V, a product that we talked about first and foremost in which it made its debut on IndieGoGo. You can only save it by storing it: it is not absolutely a product for you. Scopriamola insieme.

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