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It really depends on how much you use the VB, light pattern & brightness, etc. You should be able to type for at least several full days on a single charge.

Yes, they are.

Bluetooth 5.0 (up to 5 wireless devices) and wired Type-C.

Gateron switches. We will have up to six options. You will be able to select your preferred switch color after the campaign ends. We’ll email you the backer survey and you can select your switch type there.

Everything has been designed, developed and tested. We’ll begin shipping out early December. There will be enough time for Christmas gift delivery.

Yes, we will have express shipping option during checkout and in the backer survey. 


Yes, we can declare a value of $25 if you like. We'll also have a pre-paid VAT add-on during checkout and in the backer survey.

The Vickyboard weighs around 1.2KG by itself. The vickboard packed in the EVA carry case or retail packaging weighs 2.2-2.5KG.

Solid acrylic. It’s why the board has a solid and premium look and feel. It’s also part of the reason for it’s relatively heavy weight.

We’ll have all translucent and black transparent key options. You’ll be able to select your key preference during checkout.

Color keycaps will be stretch goals. This is because there is a 500 set MOQ per color. We’ll unlock one keycap color SKU per every 200 units sold over 600 units.

The Vickboard comes with the keyboard, USB cable, keycap tool, and switch tool.  There will also be add-on accessories that you can purchase during checkout or backer survey.

We’ll have the case in the All-Star pack bundle which includes the case, felt mat, and premium switch key tool. If you only want the keyboard and case, you can also purchase the case separately during checkout.

45*70cm. You can find full mat description on www.x-plus.tech

We’ll have support section with downloads, support forums links and support forums. You can check out the support page on www.x-plus.tech

Yes! So make sure to sign up for our newsletter as we’ll have another model coming out in the next 1-2 months. Sign up for our newsletter on www.x-plus.tech

Yes! Follow our social media channels as we’ll be sharing reviews by top blogs and Youtube reviewers. Social media links can be found on header and footer of www.x-plus.tech

Yes, we will have a 5pc small wholesale lot on Indiegogo. If you’d like a higher quantity, please fill out the become reseller form on www.x-plus.tech

We think so. It’s ergonomic layout will help your hands and wrist stay healthy in the long-run as well.

There are short key options, and we have QMK firmware tool. You can view video tutorials on our Youtube channel, or check downloads page on www.x-plus.tech